Why SKILLSertifika


Why SKILLSertifika?

  • Industry Connect
  • Unique and Smart Teaching Methodology
  • Scenario based Learning
  • Worldwide network
  • Backed by years of expertise and proven performance
  • Trained and Certified Faculty

Become a Global Partner of SKILLSertifika

To be able to offer SKILLSertifika exams, training or courseware, partners must be accredited. The process involves submitting information and undergoing an assessment. To make the process as smooth as possible, watch the video of Global Partnership for a better understanding. SKILLSertifika is known for offering the highest quality certifications for IT & Management professionals. By working with subject matter experts and remaining objective, SKILLSertifika is able to create exams that are internationally acknowledged. Organisations that are accredited benefit from being able to offer exams that are certified by SKILLSertifika to conform to the highest standards. The SKILLSertifika accreditation process is easy, fast and hassle-free so that you can quickly offer your candidates a high-quality training and exam experience.

Benefits to our Global Partners

  • Start-up & Legal Support
  • Dedicated support over telephone, mail & any social media platform
  • 2 months support for better understanding of roles & responsibilities
  • Access of Cloud based learning management system
  • Ready to use proposals, videos & contents
  • Joint Advertising & Marketing

As a Global Partner you would be required to ensure an end to end implementation of the project for your region. You will need to carry out certain roles & responsibilities to maximise profits in association with SKILLSertifika. You will always be backed up by our Support Team. Apart from this, SKILLSertifika will be providing a constant two months support for the initial stage understanding process. SKILLSertifika works with subject matter experts to respond to new developments and trends in the industry by developing a truly relevant and practical portfolio. The range of complimentary certifications have been created to ensure that students and professionals have the knowledge and competences needed to be able to prove their skills.