SKILLSertifika For Corporations


Did you know that by implementing best practice frameworks, corporations are seeing 75% reduction in time* to resolve incidents and reach 90% customer satisfaction rating**? This could not be done without trained and certified talent. Certification adds skills and proves that the expertise to do the job is there. Certification is key in helping organisations find the right talent.

SKILLSertifika certifications help organisations worldwide to add value to their business by certifying their employees’ competences. Certifications also help organisations reduce operating costs and improve effectiveness, by:

  • Ensuring that the right people stay in the right job
  • Investing in the organisation’s talent
  • Providing a clear staff training ROI
  • Identifying areas for employee performance improvement
  • Proving to customers commitment to improve services
  • Boosting employee morale by investing in them

SKILLSertifika’s extensive portfolio of certification programmes spans a broad range of important individual skillsets, designed to assist organisations become more efficient through internationally-recognised best practices in the areas of:

The portfolio includes internationally recognised best practices, with more than 500,000 professionals being certified annually in over 180 countries.


Introduce you to a pool of accredited training providers

Certification Programmes are delivered through a global network of SKILLSertifika accredited training organisations, regularly audited against high-quality standards, to ensure the quality of their training services.

Guarantee high quality services

  • Test Delivery & Certification
  • Leading Technology Solutions
  • 24/7/365 multilingual customer service

Help you meet your development needs

We will use our experience to help you find a custom solution and the right certifications for your business model.


Unrivalled expertise

With more than 15 years in the certification industry, SKILLSertifika offers its unmatched experience to test owners and candidates alike.


Talent: Verified

SKILLSertifika enables you to verify your employees’ certifications so that you can make informed decisions regarding recruitment or further learning and development of your staff.