Sales Management Certification


Certified Sales Management 

In any organization that is driven by sales, the sales management occupies a very important position. In fact quite a lot depends on his skills and his performance. He must always be working to increase sales each month and each year. This is a tough task given the extreme competition that prevails in the marketplace. In addition, he must also have excellent people skills so as to interact well with team members and with his bosses.

You may complete a course in business management but it will not give you specific skills required by a sales management. For this you need to undergo training in sales from specialists who have industry experience of years in selling products in challenging markets.

Why is this necessary? 

Consider the responsibilities a sales management takes on. Employers typically outline his responsibilities to include acquisition of new customers and drive growth upwards all the time. At the same time he is responsible for crafting a sales strategy and justifying it to his superiors and then implementing it with success. He must lead a team of sales executives and maintain harmonywhile keeping them motivated. His duties could include recruitment of sales personnel and also being associated with marketing in crafting advertising strategies. He has to keep costs down and also allow freedom to his team. While doing all these he also must keep an eye open for emerging markets and opportunities. He must keep a finger on the pulse of markets and satisfy existing customers as well. In addition, he must keep tabs on the competition to know what they are up to and how their strategies affect his company and its sales.

From where do you gain all these skills? 

The right decision is to undergo a specialist sales management training leading to certification that proves you have these skills that companies are looking for. 

The course is modular and broken up into sections. Even employed people can undergo the course in their spare time and complete it in phases according to their convenience. One of the most important aspects of the course that will be helpful to the student is how to successfully convert a lead into a customer. In the process, the sales executive or management not only sells the product but also the company brand image and himself by creating the right impression. Following a course in sales can endow a candidate with this vital skill. Students can complete the course in stages and appear for an exam leading to certification on success.

Sales are vital for all companies engaged in any business regardless of size. Therefore, it follows that each company needs someone to handle sales. One can say that if one is qualified as a sales executive he will never remain unemployed. He can change jobs at will and keep climbing to higher positions. Sales personnel also enjoy privileges because business owners know that their growth is driven by efforts of sales. Get into sales and you are set for life. 


  • 1

    Advance your career

    Get a highly demanded certification in Sales Management Course and boost your career prospects

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    Develop sought-after skills

    Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Sales Management guidance, principles and models

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    Get set for the future

    Sales Management is rapidly becoming the mainstream field.


Duration of Exam 60 Minutes
Type of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Negative Marking No
Type of Exam Paper Based
Nature of Exam Closed Book
Total No. of Questions 40
Correct Answer required 26
Passing Percentage 65%