IT Service Integration and Management (ITSIM) Foundation Certification


ITSIM - Foundation is the entry level certification exam.

New Technologies are the new services

Service Integration is a process-driven function and is largely based on the globally adopted best practices. Most of the organisation are moving towards the lean management system to reduce the cost, time & efforts, looking for resources who are having capabilities to integrate process, functions and technology together with minimum waste.

Information Technology Service Integration & Management is a technical management methodology that can be applied in an environment that includes management of technological services from different IT service suppliers or stakeholders. It is simply a model for IT engineers to know how the different technological platform integrate and work together to improve productivity of individuals or groups in an IT organisation. The model closely works with ITSM and DevOps to reduce the waste of an organisation and manage the lifecycle of a customer.

According to research, IT service integration and management needs to address and overcome five key challenges:

  1. End to end measurement of services.
  2. Alignment of scope and specifications across provider contracts
  3. Managing relationships and collaboration with and between providers
  4. Defining standardization and modularization
  5. Service integration and management functions have to manage these key challenges in order to prevent common issues and realise its key benefits.

Some common issues include:

  1. Lack of coordination: Individual teams (both in-house and outsourced) can act autonomously and lack coordination.
  2. Individual suppliers fulfilling their contractual obligations does not provide assurance that the end to end service delivered to the enterprise will be acceptable
  3. Fragmentation can complicate the tasks of integration and governance, both of which are essential to delivering effective services to a business or organisation.
  4. Individual suppliers can focus on attributing blame rather than identifying and addressing the root cause of service quality issues.


  • Technology and service organisations are moving to ITSIM
  • ITSIM is appropriate for most of today’s businesses
  • ITSIM is climbing to the top of the agenda of CIOs as they seek to maximise value from multi-supplier IT service delivery models.
  • It is an integration of process, function and technology
  • Companies seek innovation from outsourcing agreements, but many are unsure how to define, motivate, and track it. Organisations reported significant savings attributable to the establishment of the vendor management function.

Target Groups:

  • IT Engineers
  • Service Managers
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Service delivery roles
  • Change & Incident Managers
  • Business Relationship Managers.

Benefits IT - SIM

  • Integration of new technologies with people and processes
  • Reducing waste.
  • Developed in collaboration with industry experts.
  • Management of Risk, change and Incidents

Benefits of IT - SIM for organisations

  • Improved Service Levels and availability.
  • Don't recommend waste / zero tolerance for waste
  • Optimize value from stakeholders
  • Greater flexibility to plug-and-play cloud, AI & Data centres

Benefits of IT - SIM for individual

  • Get certified in high demand domain
  • Support your organization by managing incident and risk through well-defined processes
  • Grow your knowledge, accelerate your career get a higher salary

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  • The only ITSIM certification program available
  • Independent Platform for IT Engineers
  • New Technologies and Process as per global market standards
  • Effective management of Change & Risk Management
  • Independent certification recognised worldwide

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      Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the ITSIM Foundation (IT Service Integration and Management) guidance, principles and models

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    Exam INFO

    Duration of Exam 60 Minutes
    Type of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
    Type of Exam Paper Based
    Nature of Exam Closed Book
    Total No. of Questions 40
    Correct Answer required 26
    Passing Percentage 65%