Internet of Things (IoT) Certification


Internet of Things (IoT) Certification

A network of objects connected through the internet which are able to collect and exchange data, they are commonly abbreviated as Internet of Things. IoT consists of two main parts; Internet being the backbone of connectivity, and Things meaning objects or devices. The Internet of Things is impacting the value chain of every business today. It is changing the way products & services are conceptualized, created, processed and delivered.

SKILLSertifika IoT certification covers a variety of topics that make you fully conversant with this technology. You will study:

  • Architecture of internet of things
  • Components that go into IOT, the hardware, sensors and software
  • Various layers of infrastructure in internet of things
  • Big data analytics and working with big data
  • Raspberry pi and Arduino interfaces for IoT
  • Various protocols used in IoT communication
  • Sensors, switches motors, computers and interconnection as well as control
  • Programming of IoT systems
  • IoT support and security as well as data management

On the practical side you learn about myths of IOT and business with IOT. You get to know of architecture and cloud deployment as well as design, interfacing sensors and selecting them for various applications.

IoT has applications in many areas including retail and commerce too. If you specialize in this technology you will always be able to find a job in manufacturing, retail, business or other areas where IoT is making its presence felt. It is the future and the use of this technology is growing by leaps and bounds.

The course can be quite extended and at times it may be difficult to grasp concepts. However, our industry experienced professional break down the course into modular structure and take you step by step from basic to higher levels. Students learn about advanced concepts and methodologies in IoT solutions.

Once you complete this course you have sound knowledge about:

  • IoT technology and tools
  • Core concepts, background concepts and sub-domains
  • Sensors, controllers, communication protocols
  • Building network based on sensors in client server environment and also in cloud environment.
  • Choosing the right architecture and protocols for IoT
  • Derive data from sensors that can be used to take action.

Candidates who join our course have access to latest and detailed study materials to help them acquire knowledge required for the exam. Our online support is always available and you can get answers to all questions. We are here to ensure that the course makes you an expert in IoT.

Once you complete the course you take an exam that leads to SKILLSertifika IoT certification. With this certification under your belt you can choose a high paying career and you can be sure that you will always get a job because this segment is growing so fast.


  • 1

    Advance your career

    Get a highly demanded certification in IoT and boost your career prospects

  • 2

    Develop sought-after skills

    Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the IoT guidance, principles and models

  • 3

    Get set for the future


Duration of Exam 60 Minutes
Type of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Type of Exam Paper Based
Nature of Exam Closed Book
Total No. of Questions 40
Correct Answer required 26
Passing Percentage 65%