Information Security Foundation Certification


Information Security Foundation is the entry level certification exam.

SKILLSertifika Information Security certification lays the foundation for advancement of your career in this sector of IT. IT is everywhere and its use is growing. At the same time the threat to data security and confidentiality is also growing. Whether it is an individual, a small business or a large-scale enterprise or even government, they need to keep their data secure against all attempts at data theft or attacks that could damage data. This is where IT professionals with specialization in information security play a vital role.

SKILLSertifika has designed its Information Security course to be easy to understand. IT professionals already working in any field such as programming or networking can join this course and gain basic knowledge about information security. Those who are fresh IT graduates can also join and gain additional knowledge that will help them in landing a good job. This course could be the basis on which you can progress to more advanced levels of information security and become a specialist.

The course covers various aspects of information security. You learn about security of data within IT infrastructures inside a company and how to implement authentication and verification processes. Students also learn fundamentals of networking security. You get to know about firewalls and their role in information security. Students also get to learn about hacking and methods employed by hackers to hack into computers or tap into networks. You will learn about viruses, malware and other processes by which IT systems can become corrupted resulting in data loss or how such malware can be used by hackers to snoop into computers to access confidential data.

The course goes on to give students a good idea about how to identify such attacks on security and the steps that are taken to find out intrusions or attempts and tracing the source.

The course can be joined by any IT qualified individual to further their knowledge. Students can access course materials online at any time using their mobile devices. There is no fixed time frame to complete the course. You can complete it at leisure. If you have any issues or need clarifications you can always get in touch with our instructor.

At the end of the course students must pass an exam lasting an hour and obtain the minimum specified marks in order to pass. Successful students receive a certificate that they have undergone the information security course.

SKILLSertifika courses are designed by industry professionals to be comprehensive yet concise and easy to follow even for those who are not familiar with the subject. Students receive full support to ensure they do not face any obstacles to learning. We offer various job oriented basic to advanced certification courses created specifically to increase skill and give value so you can earn more.


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    Advance your career

    Get a highly demanded certification in Information Security and boost your career prospects

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    Develop sought-after skills

    Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Information Security Foundation guidance, principles and models

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    Get set for the future


Duration of Exam 60 Minutes
Type of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Type of Exam Paper Based
Nature of Exam Closed Book
Total No. of Questions 40
Correct Answer required 26
Passing Percentage 65%