Global IT Project management Certification


Global IT Project Management certification exam

Project management is indispensable especially when the project has a certain degree of complexity. It is present in infrastructure projects in industries and also in IT. IT projects can be quite complex especially if they are large scale and involve collaboration of teams. Time is of the essence here as delays can prove expensive. People within teams need to carry out specific tasks within time and teams must collaborate with each other for successful progress and the entire process also needs to be monitored according to a timeline to make sure it can be finished by the specified date. An individual known as a project manager is usually in charge of handling various tasks to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.

What exactly is project management?

Project management involves concept, planning, design, implementation, monitoring and reporting of all stages and parts of a project to ensure timely and successful completion and to also ensure that the project is technically perfect. Project management coordinates all aspects, overcomes bottlenecks and ensures completion.

Skills you need for project management

There are two aspects to consider if you wish to become a project manager. One is people skills. A project manager must interface very well with many people. He must handle people engaged in working on the project. He must also answer to the bosses and stakeholders. He may be required to liaison with regulatory authorities. The second part is he must have full knowledge of not only the technical parts of IT software and hardware but also about costs, problem solving, analytics and management skills. He also needs to have knowledge of various laws that may be applicable within a country or across various jurisdictions.

Project management as a career

As can be seen the job of a project manager is tough and very challenging. When he has to handle complex IT projects it is a huge challenge and he has a load of responsibility on his shoulders. It is also rewarding to be able to work with IT specialists and become involved in the completion of a project. There are various certifications exclusively focused on skill sets for project management. One can progress from one level to another. Even the basic certificate will get you started as a project assistant. You can then go on to become a project coordinator, project management support staff and eventually become a project manager. Certifications in project management will certainly help in upward movement because certificates prove to employers that you have the skill sets to become project manager.

SKILLSertifika offers a variety of project management certification programs starting from basic to advanced levels. Each level has an exam and an appropriate certificate. Even with the basic certificate you can get into project management and then pursue further courses online to gain higher levels of certification. Get started in project management by enrolling with us and then stay with us as you progress to reach the pinnacle of your profession.


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Duration of Exam 60 Minutes
Type of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Type of Exam Paper Based
Nature of Exam Closed Book
Total No. of Questions 40
Correct Answer required 26
Passing Percentage 65%