Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)


Entrepreneurship Development Program


Entrepreneurship Development Program is an entrepreneurial education program that serves the needs of budding entrepreneurs who are keen to start a sustainable business.

SKILLSertifika EDP assists participants in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitude for realising their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. During the weekend long programme, participants get an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, will get to know how to pitch for seed capital, marketers, service providers and others from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs in the very early stages of setting up their venture will also find this Program very useful and can get benefit for writing their business plan. The SKILLSertifika EDP can also help graduating students to get a head start in a new business venture.

SKILLSertifika Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) is a high level, week long, intensive executive education program teaching skills for high impact entrepreneurship. SKILLSertifika delivers the EDP program across the globe (both in the developing and under developed countries). The course is aimed at highly ambitious entrepreneurs from businesses with international potential who want to learn from the best and be the best.

About SKILLSertifika EDP - Entrepreneurship Development Program

SKILLSertifika EDP is a globally renowned course which blends cutting edge academic learning with practical team work exercises, investment pitching, best practice, company visits and international networking. The EDP course is led by the industry expert and entrepreneur who will take participants through the entire Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE) venture creation, growth, investment and exit process, teaching core skills required in an entrepreneur and the latest thinking in this space. The concepts are taught through lectures, workshops and keynotes from high profile entrepreneurs and then participants are encouraged to apply the learning immediately in simulated exercises that test their thinking.

The course introduces participants to SKILLSertifika vibrant entrepreneurial culture; world class commercialisation and technology transfer system and connects participants to a global entrepreneurial network. Participants will learn how to break down the different elements and activities of successful business growth into a step by step process and how this formula for success can be applied to their own business or organisation.

What are the business benefits?

The SKILLSertifika program covers the topics from start to end lifecycle of an entrepreneur such as creating and capturing value, entrepreneurial marketing, customer personas, how to select and deselect different markets through evaluating market opportunity, how to finance an entrepreneurial company, successful pitching and selling strategies, innovative product development and developing unique selling propositions (USPs). Through a combination of high impact interactive teaching, company meetings, team assignments, pitching practice, listening to world renowned guest speakers and visiting simulation laboratories, participants are immersed in SKILLSertifika’s entrepreneurial culture. They are exposed to the greater business ecosystem and learn what they need to know in order to accelerate their business growth strategies.

A comprehensive services marketing course cover many different topics. These include:

  • Create, discover, and evaluate new venture opportunities
  • Interpret customer needs and quantify the value proposition
  • Start and build a successful company
  • Complete understanding of the process of starting new ventures may vary geographically and culturally.
  • Develop rewarding business plans
  • Scale companies to be globally successful
  • Navigate the venture capital investment process
  • Obtain feedback on personal entrepreneurship skills
  • Enhance and expand their networks


  • 1

    Advance your career

    Get a highly demanded certification in Entrepreneurship Development and boost your career prospects

  • 2

    Develop sought-after skills

    Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Entrepreneurship guidance, principles and models

  • 3

    Get set for the future

    Entrepreneurship is rapidly becoming the mainstream field.


Duration of Exam 60 Minutes
Type of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Negative Marking No
Type of Exam Paper Based
Nature of Exam Closed Book
Total No. of Questions 40
Correct Answer required 26
Passing Percentage 65%