Contrarian Thinking


Contrarian Thinking


We are connecting the dots all the time to make sense of happenings around us! Whether in business or daily life. There are three different ways one can connect the dots. This unique workshop brings you a never before offered concept – Learning to connect the dots through three different kinds of thinking and develop strategic thinking skills.

This 1.5-day workshop will be structured around three things:

  • Concepts of Flexible Thinking, Visionary or DEEP Thinking and Contrarian or Counter-Intuitive Thinking.
  • Each concept will be demonstrated through 2 mini cases
  • Group thinking exercises

We largely remain PRISONERS OF OUR PAST UPBRINGING. Because we remain prisoners of past thinking, experiences, education & so on, we rely on experience and intuition. We can’t shatter our self-imposed cage and think otherwise. The essence of “Contrarian Thinking” is then shattering the cage and connecting the dots. When we connect the dots, we start seeing patterns, patterns emerging, which others don’t. When you foresee patterns emerging, you stumble upon seemingly unthought of opportunities and unlock closed doors! Great innovations happen

Idea in brief:

Counter Intuition occurs, when we are confronted with a totally strange and unfamiliar phenomenon or event. We try to understand the event intuitively, using our past experience, knowledge and training and we fail. Example – when automobiles appeared in early 20th century, many compared it with a horseless carriage. Something similar happened when the Maruti 800 was launched in India in 1983. Many car experts and car lovers equated the little car with the heavier Ambassador and Premier Padmini and termed it as a tin-box that will not last on Indian roads. The rest is of course history.

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