Business Model Innovation


Business Model Innovation

The age of the “Wisdom Worker” is on us. Machines are fast replacing manual labour and in near future a manager’s job will be to THINK – in various forms. The key managerial tasks by 2025 may appear as follows:

  • a) New knowledge acquisition and absorption
  • b) Building new CORE COMPETENCIES continuously
  • c) Think COUNTER – INTUTIVELY. Think the opposite
  • d) Work on new innovation projects
  • e) Look for ways and means to collaborate with companies, research laboratories freelancers and academic institutions.

These five key tasks will dominate managerial thinking in coming years. They will have to behave and think like entrepreneurs – hence the term “Intrapreneurs” will dominate corporate culture in coming years. This will also result in a paradigm shift in organizational structures & compensation.

We at SKILLSertifika believe that new age technologies must be supplemented by NEW AGE MANAGEMENT THINKING as well. Otherwise just being skilled in technologies by itself has no meaning. INNOVATION = TECHNOLOGY + BUSINESS MODEL. Otherwise Innovation remains an Invention – confined to the R&D labs. The GIG economy and digital technologies combined with SMART power grids and SMART cities will completely change the business landscape beyond recognition in next years and inter-company collaborations will be on the rise, as the customer will demand AN EXPERIENCE not just a product. For example, it’s just not a car that will be sold. Future cars will be driven by electric motors and software and will be connected to smart power grids and information networks. An automobile company on its own can’t produce such a product and will have to collaborate intensively with software companies, internet providers, smart power grids and so on.

In this context innovation in business model and redesigning the entire value chain becomes imperative. A business model has four interlocking elements:

  • a) Customer Value Proposition
  • b) Profit formula
  • c) Business activities
  • d) resources