Our experience and technological expertise give us a competitive edge in the field of developing and managing globally recognised certifications and standardised exams.


SKILLSertifika is a global leader in the assessment and certification of professional skills, partnering with different organisations to develop and deliver market leading IT and management exams worldwide. SKILLSertifika is located in the heart of commercial district of Singapore and we reach out to participants across the world with our ambitious training and certification programs.

Founded and operated by IT professionals, the company is growing fast and making a name for itself as a premier certification organisation in the world. Our aim is to bring professional and world class training methods in latest IT technologies. Our exams are strict and candidates receive certificates that have value in job markets.

Our team comprises of handpicked professionals from various streams, with years of industry experience. We have compiled study materials with care so that participants get precise knowledge needed for the course, the exam and for application in real life. Here, you do not just study and pass exams to get certifications. You acquire practical knowledge you can use in your job.


Technology for all

SKILLSertifika fully supports Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition program and believes in simplifying technology for everyone to understand, learn and implement as a tool for career advancement.

Boost skills

Our programs are designed to improve skills and deliver value so that professionals can climb up the ladder with ease.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe in giving to society what we have gained from it and are very considerate of students who are in difficult conditions.

Our values guide all our decisions and lay the foundation of SKILLSertifika.


We provide quality education, thoughtfully designed to meet requirements of students and to make them competent in their chosen topics.


We are always striving to bring in latest technologies and to create innovative methods of training so that students find learning an easy process.


We are fully passionate about what we do and focus on each individual to help them realize their goals.


We value trust, ethics and fair dealings in everything we do. We work hard to protect our carefully built up reputation for honesty and integrity.

SKILLSertifika offers various IT related certifications that are valued in industry because all our past participants have demonstrated their capabilities. Our certifications cover Cloud computing, Data Centre, NetCom, ITSIM, Global IT project Management, Broadband, DevOps, Information security.

Education can be expensive as students obtain one certificate after another to enhance their skill levels and their chances of landing high paying jobs. However, it need not be so expensive. Our courses are popular because they give value and are affordable for everyone.

SKILLSertifika cares for the success of students who enroll for various courses. We make sure that you acquire full knowledge and offer full support at all times. Studies at SKILLSertifika take on a new meaning and open up new opportunities in life.